Fire Risk Assessment

The Fire Safety Order 2005 came into effect on the 1st October 2006 and replaces most fire safety legislation with a single order. Under the order it is now mandatory to undertake a written fire risk assessment and to maintain this as a living document.

The order applies to all work premises in England and Wales and is applicable to employers and self employed persons having business premises, voluntary organisations and persons who have control over any premises.

For employers with five or more employees and for licensed premises or premises that have an alterations notice in force a hard copy of the fire risk assessment must be available for inspection by your local fire and rescue authority at all times.

There are five key elements to the Fire Risk Assessment:

The overall intention being to allow you to clearly identify potential hazard and establish procedures that are proportional to the risk of any harm occurring. It is essential that the risk assessment is maintained and reviewed on a regular basis.

Eastern Fire and Security Services Ltd are able to provide a site survey and full written fire risk assessment. Alternatively, the government provide downloadable forms to allow you complete in house fire risk assessments.

Intruder Alarms

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