Know where you stand in the event of an emergency.
With a range of highly dependable, modern and cost effective emergency lighting, fire alarms and security systems, Eastern Fire and Security can make sure your home or business stays safe.
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The sudden loss of lighting during an emergency can lead to panic and disorder which can put people at real risk of serious injury. Additionally, it is now law that businesses must undertake a written fire risk assessment that takes into consideration a business’ emergency escape lighting and signage. The expert team at Eastern Fire and Security can supply and install a specialised emergency lighting system that will ensure all personnel can find their way out of the premises in the case of an emergency. Our systems contain fail safe backups as either a central battery system or as self contained luminaires, which can utilise continuous or non-continuous lighting. If your business is located in the Stansted, Essex or Hertfordshire area and does not currently have an emergency lighting system installed, contact our expert technicians today for a quote.

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Maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting

Continuously maintained emergency lighting in your business can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing lighting scheme. In the case of an emergency, these lights will automatically be powered by stand by batteries. Non-maintained lights are only activated if the mains supply fails. We install test key switches with all our systems to provide easy testing of your emergency lighting system.

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