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Fires can spread quickly and consume anything in their path. An unexpected fire could put your family or employees in danger and prove devastating to your home or business. You can stay one step ahead of the unexpected with Eastern Fire and Security. We can provide homeowners and businesses throughout Stansted, Essex and Hertfordshire cutting edge protection against fires with our range of dependable fire alarms. With our fire alarms, you have the option of either an audible only system or a monitored remote signalling system that will immediately alert both keyholders and the fire brigade in the event of an emergency. Typically, our team will install one or two detectors in residential buildings, complete systems in homes with multiple occupancies and specialised commercial systems for shops, offices, factories, schools and other business premises.

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Audio and Video Door Entry
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Access Control Systems
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IP based systems to allow remote system control and interrogation
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Integration with intruder and fire alarm aystems
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Integration with car parking or pedestrian barriers and gates
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Management of time and attendance
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Asset tracking and tagging
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Fire alarm role call
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Remote sites
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Anti pass-back (tail gating)
Optical turnstiles

Fail safe fire alarms

At Eastern Fire and Security, we realise that lives depend on our fire alarms always being reliable. Our systems can be powered by domestic mains with battery back up, by conventional 4 wire systems, 2 wire systems or we can install fully analogue addressable systems that can indicate the exact location of the fire. Our technicians can also install, maintain and extend remote monitoring for existing 3 wire and mains powered systems and operate throughout the Stansted, Essex and Hertfordshire areas.

Fully integrated fire alarm systems

To give you complete protection against fire, our alarms can be fully integrated with other systems such as access control systems. This will give you the ability to close off parts of the building, open smoke vents or shut off the gas supply in case an unexpected fire occurs. Our automatic fire detection units utilise the latest technology that can detect changes in heat, smoke and carbon monoxide levels anywhere in your building at any time of day.

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