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Expert fire risk assessment services in Stansted, Essex and Hertfordshire

Smart business owners stay fully aware of all the pitfalls that threaten their profitability. Due to its unpredictable and destructive nature, fire can pose a huge risk to businesses of any size. Eastern Fire and Security can provide a detailed and professional fire risk assessment service to any business throughout the Stansted, Essex and Hertfordshire area. As well as being a prudent measure, a fire risk assessment is actually a legal obligation under the Fire Safety Order 2005. Since October 2006, it is mandatory for businesses to have a written fire risk assessment done and to maintain this as a living document. Contact Eastern Fire and Security Services for a comprehensive site survey and a full written fire risk assessment.

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Are you a business owner or self employed? Are you aware of your obligations regarding fire risks? All work premises in England and Wales and all employers and self employed persons having business premises, voluntary organisations and persons who have control over any premises at all are obliged to have a fire risk assessment done. Additionally, if you have five or more employees, you must always keep an up-to-date hard copy of your fire risk assessment in case of inspection. Eastern Fire and Security Services can assist you in identifying potential hazards and establishing procedures in case of an emergency. We operate throughout Stansted, Essex and Hertfordshire. Contact our expert team today to arrange a fire assessment at your lace of business.

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By installing an audio and video door entry system, you can easily monitor and manage who enters your property. Eastern Fire and Security can recommend, supply and install a range of state of the art audio and video access control systems tailored to fit your exact needs. We specialise in helping businesses and residential customers throughout Stansted, Essex and Hertfordshire stay safe and keep control of their properties.

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